Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Picture of the Erlbacher Gearhart Sock Knitting Machine

Here's a picture of Peewee knitting on the all new Erlbacher Gearhart Sock Knitting Machine!   Since our last post, we have been busy making socks!  Everyone I know will be getting them for Christmas and the guys in the shop keep hinting about the upcoming hunting season and cold toes.... 
Some of our followers say they do not do Facebook, so I (Jamie) have decided to update on the blog and get Grayson to do the Facebook updating! 

So right now we are still working on getting the ribber made.  The parts are coming together and we are almost there.  I am nervous, because I am the one who has to learn how to actually use it....but since heels and toes no longer make me have a hot flash, I think I'll be able to figure it out...

Since Pete and Deb took our CSM to the crank in, Peewee has been tweaking and adjusting on our machine...sometimes while I am working!!  Like today, he brought up a new V Cam and switched it out mid-sock!  Not a good idea....Just call that insta-hot-flash!

Everyday we talk to more and more people who are excited about our machine!  They offer lots of  advice, suggestions and encouragement.  Yesterday, a new friend from Indiana came to visit and offer invaluable information!  We love visitors!

We are so excited about our CSM.  And I want to thank the bloggers who gave suggestions on our last post.  I have been having so much fun making the mock rib!  As you can see in the picture, Peewee is showcasing the 2 1 rib.  I tell you, he's a knitting machine!

If you have questions, please ask!  We aren't sure what you want to know, so just ask and I will do my best to answer them!  Also, tell your sock making friends about our blog!! 

Thanks again to everyone who wishes us well! Your responses and suggestions are invaluable to us!

Happy Cranking!



Silver Willow Angoras said...


What weight of yarn have you been using for all the socks you've been knitting on the new Erlbacher Gearhart?

Any specific weight that has worked best in it?

What is the range of weights of yarn that you've been able to successfully knit and rib with?

We are so excited - I hope June gets here soon!!

chris said...

Hooray for you! Best of luck because you saw a need and are filling it.
Can't wait for more news!

Linda said...

This is exciting. I'm looking forward to trying one for myself! I'm assuming that's what the crank in is for?

Donna said...

I would love to hear more about the machine, more blogging please!