Thursday, September 23, 2010

Calling all CSM Fans!!

Greetings Sock Knitting Machine Fans!  I am Jamie, daughter number 4 of Peewee's clan.  It was/is my job to make the socks on the CSM...I am thrilled to report that the old Gearhart has been put to pasture, I am using the first prototype of the all new Erlbacher Gearhart CSM!  However, I need your help.  

Question 1:  What's your favorite brand of sock yarn?  We would like to partner up with a yarn company/supplier but there are so many out there, I'd like to know your favorites!

Question 2:  Can you share your EASY sock patterns with me?  Remember that I am a newbie and that sometimes I end up with a big old wad of mess that I just have to wind back up into a center pull ball!  I'd like to know how to start off a sock without having to hang a that possible?  I'd also like to know the very easiest way to close a toe....

I can't wait to hear your comments/suggestions/responses!

In the meanwhile, I'll be cranking away....
Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Facebook Page !

After much debate and discussion, we have decided to provide further updates on our new Facebook page. Facebook is a much easier format in regards to pictures, both viewing and (for us) posting. Please follow us at the link listed below (requires a free Facebook account to access), or look us up in Facebook's search function as "Erlbacher Gearhart Knitting Machine Company":

Hope to see you there!