Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Moving On

A few more small steps down the path. We now have our 4th axis on our mill hooked up and programs written for the slotting on the cylinder. The machinist proudly told me he is within 0.0005. Pretty impresive-lets just hope the slots turn out like we think they will. I will keep you posted.

The handles have been yet another issue. I thought these would be a stock item for someone, somewhere. Does not appear to be the case. I am learning this will, for the most part, be the norm. So we found some wooden handles and are going to try to modify them. I am not sure how these will fit the hands of the crankers. At this point, we are trying to be true to the original,but how nice would a cushy, ergonomic one be? Maybe later down the road. Just a few pics and I will try to update as well as answer some of the questions left on the blog. Please be patient, as we have a machine shop to run with lots of other stuff in and out, so the CSM stuff sometimes has to take a back seat-Thanks again for everyone's kind words of support-

More to come


Candy said...

A smooth inviting handle tells me the maker was considerate of the user. After all it is the one part we are always touching. And these already show the care that is going into your new CSM.

As for size and shape, bit larger handle would be just fine considering we have all gotten a bit larger than those crankers from the Victorian age.

The 4th Axis is a fascinating picture of how cylinders are made. Most of us have never seen that before. Thank You !

RonF said...

I'm extremely excited about the availability of your machine and being able to get additional cylinders for the Gearhart machine I already have!

I don't know if it's of any help to you or not, but the handle on my machine seems to resemble the wooden file holders that I've seen available at some hardware stores for a few dollars.